#2 Pencil Faith – Entry 48

Since God’s divine option is infinite, it is unlikely any of us will ever find a way to describe it fully.  Still, I feel compelled to venture into three areas in which we are repeatedly amazed.

First, God can change the course of nature.  This is, by definition, one of the things that make His involvement in our lives miraculous.  He is the One who set nature in motion, and therefore, He has the authority and the ability to alter earthly reality.  This is why true miracles are difficult to evaluate by the scientific method.  They work outside of the foundational principles upon which science is based.  Whether we are praying for the healing of a terminally ill patient or a change in the path of a deadly storm, God can reconfigure the laws of nature and defy the ordinary.

Have you ever seen God change the course of nature?  Do you believe it is always possible for us to know when He has intervened?

Dear God, remind me not to underestimate Your power.  In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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Minister and story teller.
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