Stories of Value are written around broad moral themes in a style that engages both youth and adults.  The author’s hope is that they will create meaningful conversation between as we all seek to understand the timeless principles that produce strong character, community and faith.

Stories of Value

Ricky: A Parable about Community – Available on Amazon

In a world of “big box” marketing, we run the risk of sacrificing diversity. We may think we have cracked a cultural code with a reproducible model everyone needs. But if we diminish the importance of smaller, innovative ideas in our drive to feed our personal agendas, we can lose both. A sudden shift in our culture can render our product irrelevant, and if we have eliminated those we perceive as the “competition”, there won’t be anyone left to promote our common cause. This is a principle farmers have followed for years. Never put all of your eggs in one basket, and don’t reduce your crop or stock to a narrow strain of DNA. Ricky is a powerful parable, written for all ages, that reminds us to value the potential locked in small things. Whether we are leading a company, an organization, a church or a family, it reminds us all to protect our common cause, not our egos.

Number 2 Pencil Faith – Available on Amazon

Faith must be tested.  In the Bible God’s greatest servants learned perseverance through testing.  Abraham was tested by time, Moses by power, Elijah by opposition, and the Apostle Paul by hardship.  Each of these grew stronger through their experiences.  In the same way, our faith is strengthened by testing.  However, at the time, we might think we are losing our spiritual underpinning.  Our doubts and fears lead us to question our most basic convictions.  The good news is this is all a part of the testing process.  There is no reason to be disheartened, or to provide a foothold for Satan.  “Number Two Pencil Faith” explores these realities and reminds us of the joy of growing through testing.  Sometimes this is the only way we can grow!

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