#2 Pencil Faith – Entry 49

Secondly, God can bring together ordinary circumstances in an extraordinary way.  He does not have to work outside of the normal course of nature to accomplish these ends.  This is why some people call this kind of work “providence,” as opposed to “miraculous.”  We might call every amazing thing God does in our life a miracle, but we should recognize this important distinction.  If we consider the ordinary people, places and events in our lives, and the ways they intersect on a daily basis, then multiply these by the infinite divine option of God, the possible solutions to our personal trials are mind-blowing.  This is why people of great faith can stand tall while new believers fall apart around them.  It isn’t because they know the outcomes, but rather that they know what they don’t know.  They trust the process and have been surprised too many times to worry about things that are out of their control.

When was the last time you sensed God was working through an ordinarily circumstance in your life?  How might He use you in an ordinary way to bless someone else?

Dear God, help me see behind the ordinary.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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