#2 Pencil Faith – Entry 47

The “Law of Possibilities” reminds us the scope of God’s providential means and methods are beyond human comprehension.  This is the reality I have also referred to as God’s “divine option.”  I am convinced the process of growing in our faith involves the worrisome, teeth-clinching, wall-punching, crying in our pillow at night restraint that keeps us around long enough to see God work in unexpected ways.  As I have said, I am not much of a mathematician, but in terms of God’s probabilities, numerical expression is always infinite.

I have never been much of a golfer, but from time to time I play in tournaments for a good cause.  At one time my golf equipment was sorely outdated, and a bit embarrassing.  It consisted of my father’s old wooden driver, an incomplete set of rusted irons with disintegrating hand grips, and a two-toned bag from the 50s.  To help complete the picture I will tell you the bag was made of white and turquoise vinyl with leather trim.

One day, my partner in a church tournament knocked on my office door.  He entered carrying a nice used bag of golf clubs.  He had purchased new equipment and wanted to give me his old stuff.  Actually, he said, “I don’t want to be embarrassed when we play in the next tournament.”  His motivation was irrelevant, as far as I was concerned.

The next time I played golf I proudly displayed my updated bags and clubs.  Did it help me play better golf?  Well, yes it did!  The driver head was twice as big, and I didn’t have to use a nine iron as a pitching wedge.  The clubs were also better suited to my 6.2 frame, as opposed to the short clubs my shorter father had given me.  I didn’t instantly become a better golfer, but I had more and better options, thereby increasing the probability I would have greater success.

At the risk of reducing God’s realm to a golf bag, this principle holds, even on an infinite scale.  The difference is, God calls the shots, and the Law of Possibilities reminds us He has the ability to overcome anything.  “All things are possible with God.”

Has God ever shown you options you didn’t know existed?  What do you do when you have exhausted all of your options?

Dear God, open my eyes to the possibilities.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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