Growing Kingdom People – Little Stuff Matters

Little Stuff Matters

This week a plumber fixed our outside spigots. At 35 years of age, the washers inside were worn and one had been leaking for longer than I want to admit.

The plumber’s fee?




The parts involved small, rubber washers. The total cost being somewhere between $1.50 and $2.00.  Maybe less at wholesale prices.

I mentioned one of the spigots was leaking. It was nothing more than a drip.  But the drip lasted about four years.

Yup. I know I should be ashamed of myself.  But the leak was so small I suspect it barely showed up on my monthly bill.  But four years times twelve months is forty-eight bills.  If it was added up, it might amount to something.  Nothing incredible, but something.

Little stuff matters.

The store where I buy my morning caffeine has a reward system that adds up too. Every 7th drink is free.  And I get points that can be used for more good things!

But there is more.

The reward system has my name attached to it. Every day when I go in the store and scan my card the phrase “Mr. Larry” comes up on the computer screen.  So that’s how they know me.  When I walk into the store in the morning one of the clerks yells, “Good morning Mr. Larry!”

Come to think of it, that’s the same thing my neighbor says when I leave the house.

It feels good to know other people know my name.

Little stuff matters.

As I pondered these little things today, I realized they are big things after all. It is no small thing to be known.  In fact, did you know the Lord of creation knows our names?  As the Good Shepherd, He calls our names out and leads us (John 10:3).

It is huge to be known by God!

Like the clerk at the store, He calls out to me. For six days He calls out to me.

Then He offers the seventh day for free. That’s when I take time to call out His name…

…in worship.

I realize we should live a life of worship and call out to God in our daily devotional life. But the free day He gave us is an opportunity to put everything back in perspective.

It’s a small thing God asks.

This free day to focus on Him.

But it’s a big day for us.

At least for Mr. Larry.

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