Growing Kingdom People – Huge Book Deal!

Huge Book Deal!

Everyone wants to write a book!

Well, perhaps not everyone. But people in the public eye frequently leverage their image with a book deal.  And publishers know even an unpopular celebrity can help them turn a profit.

Why do books about famous (or infamous) people sell?

They reinforce our feelings of love or hate towards the books’ subjects.

They contain juicy morsels of gossip we might not hear anywhere else.

They connect with our own challenges and aspirations and help us feel empowered and hopeful.

Of all of the book deals in history, one book remains supreme:

The Bible.

I was reading a list of facts about the Bible the other day and noted these: 1) Over 100,000,000 copies of the Bible are sold each year, 2) The Bible is the most commonly stolen book in the world (mostly from hotels and churches), 3) The Bible is the best-selling book in history with over 5 billion sold, and 4) Bob Marley was buried with a stalk of marijuana, his red Gibson Les Paul guitar and a Bible.

You think you know someone.

Oh, well, needless to say, the Bible is the biggest book deal in history. No, God didn’t sign a contract with a publishing house to write His book.  In fact, if we consider the money churches have spent to buy Bibles for their members or to give away, God is probably well in the red.

What’s worse (for God) is the fact human publishers have claimed rights to various translations of the Bible and restrict the amount of text others can reproduce without permission. Even the King James Version, first published in 1611, is covered by something called a “crown copyright”.

Translating the Bible is expensive, so I guess it’s only right for people to protect their work so they can recoup their expenses and maintain the integrity of their product.

So why do I say the Bible is the biggest book deal in history? Because it’s author is the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Creator of the universe who has revealed Himself freely to us for the purpose of redeeming our souls for eternity.

The Bible is the ultimate book deal.

Not for God, its author.

But for us.

It has more wisdom than all other books combined.

It contains the story of redemption which has the power to save us.

It is our “how to”, “why?” and “what to expect” manual all rolled into one.

And, unless we want a fancy version, we can download a copy of the Bible for free or take a copy from the next hotel we visit (It really isn’t stealing. They are put there for people to take if they need one).

I don’t want to discourage you from buying the latest book about some well-known personality. But I will warn you.  Outside of a few interesting tidbits of information, your book won’t come close to the Bible.  Actually, it will probably parallel the stories of people in the Bible in many ways.

Here’s the good news. If you have always dreamed of a big book deal that makes your rich beyond measure, wait no more!  The deal has already been made and you are guaranteed to receive a profit.

For, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”  That’s the King James Version translation.  I need to make sure you know so I don’t get in trouble with the crown.


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