Snow Day

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Snow Day

What do you do on a snow day? Sled?  Build a snowman?  Play games?  Watch TV?  Homework?

Snow days are fun because we get to stay home and do whatever we want. But the fun always costs us something.

If we have too many snow days, we have to make up the time by going to school longer. And if we stay out of school too long, we have to review the subjects we have forgotten.

So, are snow days good or bad?

They are good, of course!

But, remember: they always cost us something.

Most good things cost somebody something. For example, the Bible tells us God, in His goodness, has forgiven our sins.  He has also promised to give us a home forever in heaven.  We call God’s forgiveness “grace” and our promise of a home in heaven “eternal life.”

How much are these things going to cost us?  I know I said anything good always costs us something, but I need to change what I said…just a little.  Forgiveness and a forever home in heaven doesn’t cost us anything.  Instead, it cost Jesus everything!

When Jesus died on the cross, He gave up everything to pay for our sins. Then He rose from the dead to show us He has power over death.  This is why we know Jesus is able to keep us alive forever in heaven.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to have as many snow days as we wanted, and someone else did our homework and went to school for us when we had to attend on extra days? It would be wonderful, but it isn’t very likely.

Snow days cost us something.

Forgiveness and eternal life in heaven cost us nothing, but they cost Jesus everything.

Does this mean we don’t have to do anything to be forgiven? No.  There is still something we must do.  We must ask Jesus to forgive us and accept His gift of life forever in heaven.  Jesus isn’t going to give us something we don’t want.

But we all want to forever, and we all want to live forever in heaven.

Since Jesus already paid the price, it would be crazy not to take what He wants to give us.

It would also be crazy not to enjoy a snow day. It is going to cost us something later, but that’s ok.  Good things always cost someone something.

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