Growing Kingdom People – Pray for One – 24

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The “One” Resolution You Simply Must Make!

Have you made your resolutions yet? Are you going to eat healthier and exercise more?  Do you have some books you want to read?  Some projects around the house you need to complete?  Is there a relationship you plan to repair or a career path you hope to pursue?

I have a question: “Is it easier to partner with others when you make a resolution, or to go it alone?”

I guess it depends. Some of us pursue goals better alone.  We get discouraged when we are on a journey with people who move at a faster pace.  On the other hand, friends can lift us up when we fall.  This brings me to some important information about our prayers for “one.”

First, allow me to revisit the “Pray for One” concept.  God is always bringing individuals into our lives who need Jesus.  We are surrounded by “ones”!  When we pray for our “ones” we are asking God to help us recognize the people He is sending into our lives, and to have the wisdom to know what to do and say.  If we think about the people we meet on a normal day, we quickly realize how little we know about their spiritual conditions.  It is highly possible we talk with our “ones” every day.

When we resolve to “Pray for One” we can expect some set-backs.  We may not always see the fruit of our efforts.  We might even meet with resistance and wonder if we have done more harm than good.

Yet, if we are planting the message of Jesus in people’s hearts, we must assume we won’t always be around to see the end result. If we are watering what someone has already planted, we might witness the transformation of a life, but miss the connection between our efforts and another’s “Pray for One.”

In many ways, the economy of the prayers of God’s people, and the decisions others make for Jesus is a mystery. It is difficult for us to know about everything that goes into a decision to follow Jesus because we rarely see the whole process.

The good news is, God sees it all. He is on the journey with us, and He works through the efforts of His church to build His kingdom.  Some plant and some water, but God makes everything grow (1 Corinthians 3:6).

The other piece of good news is that, while most resolutions only apply to this life, the discipline of praying for our “ones” makes an eternal difference. This means the decision to pray for our “ones” is the resolution we are most likely to keep.  Since we are certain a prayer for someone’s salvation is in perfect keeping with God’s will, and we know God is the One who makes things grow, we are assured of success!  All we have to do is plant and water.

But it takes a commitment.

Nothing grows out of the ground unless a seed is planted, and what is planted will die it is isn’t watered.

Add a daily prayer for “one” to your resolution list. When your prayer is answered, the angels in heaven will break out rejoicing.

I can’t think of another promise we make to ourselves where this is the case.

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