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Reflect For The Sake Of Your “One”

Are you aware we just had an election? If not, welcome to the planet Earth.  You must have just arrived.

I have a request. Would you join me in a season of reflection following our Presidential election?  Let me be a little more specific.

Let’s reflect on what the events of the past few days mean for Jesus’ mission to seek and save the lost. How has the recent election changed our culture, and what do we need to know when it comes to sharing our faith.  Not the reflection you had in mind?  Stick with me.

Obviously, we have a fundamental perspective as believers. God is still in control, no matter what is happening in our country.  We pray for peace and brotherly love and live out the grace found in Jesus.  He truly is the hope of the world.  These truths sound a bit like clichés, but they are true nonetheless.

But in addition, my appeal for reflection requires some extra-biblical research, with our mission in view. How have we been changed as a nation in a matter of a few days?  We know a new government administration will change how things are done, but what are people thinking and feeling?

Who are the villains and the heroes? What do people fear?  What are the pros and cons of the outcome of the election and how are different people groups responding?

I am aware, depending on our political leanings, we will not agree on which perspectives are right or wrong. It is also important to remember, even though God is still in control, He has asked us to care about our government.  In a country “of the people” this means there is no way we can just let “Jesus take the wheel” (although I like the song), and hope for the best.  The scenes playing out before us matter.  Government matters.  The future of our society matters.  Our engagement in the process matters.

Which is exactly my point.

While I don’t have the data I need to know what is going on in everyone’s mind, this is a time when followers of Jesus should be doing their best to piece together everything they hear and see to gain understanding. What has happened has not changed the message of Jesus, but it has changed the filters through which that message will be received.

It will be some time before the key questions are asked and answered. Perhaps in six months or so some books will be published with brand new catch-phrases to help us understand how we have been changed.  But we have been changed.

While analyzing the election and the future government are important, finding a way to share Jesus is also important. If I read my Bible correctly, making sure people know Jesus before they slip into eternity is more important than anything.

I issue this appeal: care about the future of our country, but don’t get so wrapped up in the latest news report you forget to care about people who need Jesus. During Jesus’ ministry, He met people on every side of the political fence.  There were Zealots, Pharisees, Sadducees, blue bloods and governors.  He met enemies of the Roman Empire, entrenched politicians, insiders and outsiders.  And He loved them all.  He didn’t agree with them all, but He loved them and died for them on the cross of Calvary.

The next time you are in a conversation with someone about the direction of our country toss out this question: “What do you think the role of Christians should be moving forward?” Be inquisitive.  Be sincere.  Be mindful of the mission.  And tuck away the response as a reference point.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the mission. I am pretty sure it is more important than ever.

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