Growing Kingdom People – Pray for One – 19

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What do I do when the election is over?

I am writing this devotion in the midst of the Presidential election. I realize what we do next will be influenced by which candidate wins, literally at the “end of the day”.  However, I share these thoughts as an encouragement to all to remain engaged in building a better country, regardless of the outcome of today’s vote.

Invest in people. A Presidential campaign focuses our attention on people’s needs, real and perceived. These needs don’t go away the day after the election.  It is true, sometimes politicians fail to care for the people they reached out to during their campaigns.  But this shouldn’t discourage us from doing what we can to help.  Candidates have spent millions of dollars in an attempt to understand their voter base.  What would happen if followers of Jesus used this information to design ministries that help others overcome life’s obstacles?

Pray for those in power. People change. Ok, so some people never change.  Yet, history is full of amazing stories involving world leaders whose hearts were touched by God’s love.  If God is in control, then He can speak truth into any situation.  Power corrupts, but God interrupts.  More than one world leader has been changed by His grace.

Address the fundamental issues. Government has a role to play in the moral integrity of our country, at home and abroad. The decisions we make on the world stage say something about our character, and when we lose the high moral ground, we lose influence. However, it isn’t the President’s job alone to look out for the soul of our country.  Actually, we should be looking out for the President’s soul.  We should also be busy fulfilling Christ’s mission of seeking and saving the lost.  If we are disheartened by the moral perspectives we have heard from citizens during this election season, our experience might be a “wake-up” call.  We can’t put our walk with the Lord, our devotion to His truth, and our commitment to His church and mission on the back burner for four years and assume our country will be the same when the next election rolls around.  There is no “Jesus Fairy” who sprinkles our family with the dust of the spirit if we have failed to put first things first.  We have the means to change our country, our communities and our families if we choose.

Seek discernment. Our country has been changed. The election season we have just experienced is not like a ball game where people cheer, argue calls, celebrate a victory and go home unchanged until next time.  Something has been rattled in our collective soul and it may take years to figure out how the things the emerging generation has seen and heard will impact its view of reality.  Recent events will change how we see politicians, political processes, civility, morality and truth.  If we hope to win others for Jesus, we need to talk and listen more than ever in an attempt to understand how Satan has exploited our present circumstances.

Perhaps the first thing you will do after the election is over is take a much-needed break from the news. Or patch up a relationship with someone you have offended over a political issue.

Just don’t say it’s over so there is nothing left to do. Our flaws have been exposed and the hard work has really just begun.

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