100% Jesus – 48

Pursue the joyful path of meekness.  In the process, don’t lose the drive God has put in you to use your gifts and your time on earth to the fullest.  At times, the gentle spirit of the Lord, who loves us as children will compel you to treat others with His tenderness.  But there will also be moments when your submission to His will leads you to take a bold stand.

If you do these things, you will inherit the earth.  What is an earthly inheritance anyway but a defined possession marked by human paperwork.  When we die the things we have accumulated no more belong to us than they did before we made our entrance.  We still respect legal ownership because it is a part of the human system God has ordained for order and civility.  Otherwise, His command not to steal from others would make very little sense.  Yet, God has, does and will own everything.  Our titles, deeds and account numbers are temporary tools to account for those things over which He has made us stewards.

The meek believer recognizes this important relationship and seeks to understand and live within the will of God.  Success is discovering this will and finding a way to pursue it each day and in every way.  This is no higher ambition.

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  1. Rene says:

    Thank you for the very interesting explanation about meekness. I really appreciate how you expelled the myth that meek is weak. Satan has been successful, in our culture, in twisting what God has said is good and turning it into something that is bad. Much like the dreaded “S” word…submission. Thanks again!

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