100% Jesus – 47

When we seek God’s will above all else, and humbly submit to His authority, we are able to participate in His inheritance.  In matters of salvation we are co-heirs with His Son Jesus because we have put our souls in His hands.  And in regards to the earth and our temporal existence, we have transcended the bounds of every geopolitical map and claimed citizenship in a greater kingdom.  The meek don’t withdraw from the world with its challenges and conflict.  Instead, they engage the world with the truth that our true selves can only be discovered when we live for our Creator.

Perhaps you have already considered the people in your life you hold to be successful in light of these considerations.  It is hard to judge whether or not others are happy in their existence, and it is unfair to assume they are unhappy because they do not appear to give God glory for their blessings.  But we must keep the definition of what it means to be truly blessed in view.

All humans are blessed.  In fact, the Bible tells us God causes the sun to shine and the rain to fall on the just and unjust (Matthew 5:45).  Beyond this general blessing, many people find happiness in worldly success, and even acquire a level of peace and contentment, having achieved their personal goals and dreams.  Yet, the biblical idea of the blessed life involves one other critical marker: that of living to please God.  Believers don’t just receive God’s blessings, or revel in how well they have parlayed them into earthly success.  They also want to know their lives have been lived for a divine and eternal purpose, and they know this is only possible when they have sought the will of God and attempted to live for Him in everything.

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