Growing Kingdom People – A Most Dangerous Illness

A Most Dangerous Illness

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is creating global chaos.

Communities are being quarantined.

Factories are shutting down.

Travel to some countries is screeching to a halt.

Meanwhile, health organizations are trying to track the spread of the virus, and determine the various ways it might be transmitted.

But then, most all of us already know these things.  We are praying COVID-19 doesn’t breach our country’s ability to effectively control its spread and treat its victims.  Hopefully, this frightening season will pass soon, and the world can stand down.

But there is something more dangerous than the virus itself, and we are all at risk!

The danger?  Human arrogance!

Human arrogance thinks it can’t happen to us.

Human arrogance thinks we are too smart or strong to be impacted.

This dangerous condition (HA), stopped construction on the Tower of Babel.  It sunk the Titanic.  And it has been the ruin of world leaders throughout the centuries.

“HA” leads us to believe we are above sin.

Immune to error.


No wonder Jesus said the meek will inherit the earth.  Not the “weak”, but the “meek”.  The meek recognize their deficiencies and work hard to overcome them.

I don’t mean to suggest we should stop fighting the Coronavirus, or fail to praise the hard work of those who have been on the front lines of defense, once the battle is over.  I thank God for the brilliant minds who are engaged in the race to protect our world from a catastrophic pandemic.

However, I feel most secure when the people leading the charge demonstrate a healthy humility.

“HA” has the power to destroy us all!

If COVID-19 doesn’t find us, something else will.

If we are consumed by arrogance.

Before a downfall the heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor. (Proverbs 18:12)

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