Growing Kingdom People – The Coronavirus: A Reminder

The Coronavirus: A Reminder

Last Sunday, a young woman in our church approached me, following our time of worship.  She asked if I could talk with her about a prayer need.  We moved to a conversation spot in the Lobby and she began to share her concern.

The woman is from Wuhan, China.  Wuhan is the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak, where the virus was first identified.  At the time of my writing, there are approximately 4,500 reported cases of Coronavirus on Mainland China, and 106 deaths.

In our conversation, I learned of my friend’s elderly parents who have been told, along with other citizens, not to leave their home.  She was preparing to visit her parents for the first time in three years when she received word that all flights to her hometown were cancelled.  My friend from worship is able to talk with her family members and friends over the internet, but is still fearful and saddened she is unable to see them in person.

Who knew?

Next Sunday I will be asking our church family to pray for a young woman among us who is concerned for her family in Wuhan.

I will be honest.  When news of the Coronavirus broke, I checked out reported cases online to see if they were anywhere near my loved ones.  I was worried the virus might find its way into our population and threaten them.

Then I talked with my friend from Wuhan.  She isn’t concerned about the virus coming to America.  She is concerned about her family and is frustrated because she can’t be with them to make sure they are safe.

The unique circumstances of our loved ones took our hearts in two different directions.

I think of Jesus and His choice to enter human history in a manger in Bethlehem.  While He was with His Father, He was safe.  He didn’t have to worry about evil people because they couldn’t stand in the presence of His father.  Sin doesn’t exist in heaven.

What did He do?

He left the safety of heaven and came to earth in human flesh.  He took on the role of a servant, and gave His life on the cross to save us.  Had Jesus been my son I might have told Him to cancel His ticket.  It’s too dangerous down here!

But Jesus did what people do when they have loved ones in trouble.  He came to be with us, and gave His all to rescue us (John 3:16).

As the young woman and I continued to converse, I was thinking, “Good thing your flight to Wuhan was cancelled.  You might have contracted the virus.”  But I sense she was thinking, “I wish I could go home.  I’m not worried about the virus.  I just want to make sure my parents are alright.”

While it is true, Jesus already had the cure for sin, the cost was extreme and He bore the burden in its entirety.  I still marvel that He came for people like me, especially when I consider His options.

But He did.

I’m so glad He did.

We will be praying for my friend’s parents.  My guess is, they are thankful she isn’t coming.  No one wants to see their loved ones hurt.

Including God.

What does that tell us about the depth of His love for us?

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