Growing Kingdom People – Was the Moon Landing Fake?

Was the Moon Landing Fake?

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the day Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface, the notion that the moon landing never actually happened is alive and well. In a recent poll, it was discovered 10% of Americans believe the whole thing was staged. Of these, 41% believe the waving of the American flag gave the hoax away, 10% believe shadows from studio lights are visible in film footage, 12% think radiation would have killed the astronauts and 14% don’t think there is enough moisture on the moon to produce a footprint.

I suspect some in this 10% are inclined to doubt most anything. I have met people who like to take contrary positions because they enjoy participating in the unconventional, or because known facts run counter to their personal prejudices. There is also a natural tendency to believe our government is covering something up. If they lied to us about the aliens who landed in Roswell, New Mexico, how can we trust anything they say?

Regardless of the motivation, one thing is certain: it becomes easier to cast doubt on historical facts as time passes. Of the 10% in the survey who believe the moon landing was fake, 3% are over the age of 54 and 18% are between the ages of 18-34. This is because, people like me who were 11-years old when we watched Neil Armstrong take his first step on the moon, have a greater investment in the experience.

While it is notable to hear that more people are jumping on the “fake moon landing” bandwagon, it is much more frightening to hear of an increase in those who are trying to disprove horrific events like the Holocaust. Historical events don’t change, but our reverence for them, and our ability to find eye witnesses who can corroborate the evidence does.

I have come to the conclusion some people will believe about anything that aligns with their perception of reality and personal ambition. Once they zero in on an agenda, they no longer care about the truth. Interestingly, Proverbs 6:16-19 shares six things God “hates.” The items on the list are classic examples of falsehoods with references to the chaos they can cause.

The quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (George Santayana) has never been truer. But perhaps worse than those who cannot remember the past are those who rewrite the past to suit their own purposes. When we forget the past, we fail to learn from other’s mistakes. When we try to rewrite the past, we refuse to learn and promote a false foundation. This is like taking our friends out to skate on thin ice when we alone are aware that someone fell through the day before and drowned.

Was the moon landing fake?


But if you believe it is, see me.

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