Growing Kingdom People – A Testimony and Prayer from Butch Peebles

A Testimony and Prayer from Butch Peebles

This week, our church family held a celebration service for Butch Peebles. Butch was a rough and tumble man who epitomized the phrase “one of a kind”. He was also a man after God’s heart. A few yeas ago, Butch was diagnosed with cancer. In this testimony and prayer he expressed his feelings as he faced the future:

The Day I Was Humbled

“Determined to face the diagnosis with faith, thankfulness, pride and dignity. Faith and thankfulness remain. Dignity stripped away and pride was replaced with humbleness.

O Lord thank you for this blessings. God bless the innocent that suffer worse than I, that are more deserving of your grace, and mercy. Prepare me to accept your destiny. It will be your will and not mine! Thank you for this opportunity to serve you in suffering. God thank you for the people that showed me so much love, empathy, and compassion. God forgive me for my pride, selfishness, lack of empathy, and my never ending lack of patience. Forever thankful Lord for your blessings. Thankful that it was you that took me down in love and not my enemies., Amen, your humbled servant. Butch Peebles.”

A Prayer on Monday

Just two days before he was killed in a tragic accident, Butch came to our church building to pour his heart out before God. After his visit he sent me this message:

“All I could think to do was get as close as I could to God!…Thankfully I did reach God and he did sooth me and made me able to breathe again.”

Today, Butch is breathing the oxygen of heaven. Indeed, God works most powerfully through those who walk humbly with Him (Micah 6:8).

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