Growing Kingdom People – So, “Human Trafficking” is a Problem After All

So, “Human Trafficking” is a Problem After All

For years human rights activists and Christian ministries have been beating the drum against human trafficking. But now, suddenly, major news outlets are captivated by this world-wide scourge.

I don’t mean to suggest people haven’t noticed. There have been congressional testimonies, news articles, and celebrity advocates. The community where I live conducts occasional prostitution stings and publishes the names and mug shots of customers who are arrested.

Still, it is hard to miss the fact that human trafficking has become much more of a topic of conversation after Robert Kraft was implicated in a Florida sex trafficking sting. When a powerful and successful public figure is caught doing something shameful, people notice.


Is it because we are shocked that someone who has everything going for him would risk everything for sex? It shouldn’t.

Or are we puffed up with self-righteousness when we see someone famous caught in a sin? “Even I know better than to do something like that!  Tell me more!”

I suppose there are many explanations for our sense of urgency when it comes to criminal activity, or the lack thereof.

But I have my own theory…

I don’t think we care about human brokenness until someone we care about is involved. Realize, I said “care about”, not necessarily love. I would not expect a Giants or Colts fan to love Robert Kraft. But they do care about what happens to him.

Perhaps there is some crime or sin you ignored until someone you loved or disliked became involved. Your connection to someone whose life was impacted by his or her actions made you much more aware of your world.

If Robert Kraft’s alleged sin can raise our awareness of the darkness that exists in our culture, I am thankful. But after the publicity subsides and Mr. Kraft enters a season to restore his reputation (perhaps with a multi-million-dollar donation to fight human trafficking), 12-13-year old girls (and sometimes boys) will still be entering the world of sex trafficking.

Here’s what you can do:

Rid yourself of anything in your life that directly or remotely supports the human trafficking industry. This includes pornography, so-called “adult entertainment” and questionable businesses that could be involved in illegal activity.

Get involved in some aspect of local Christian organizations or efforts by your home church that fight human trafficking. Even if you aren’t ready to counsel a trafficking victim or aren’t comfortable ministering in the adult entertainment world, you can contribute money or other material items to those who do.

Pray. Pray for those caught up in sex trafficking. God hears our prayers and breaks down strongholds. Pray for the victims of sex trafficking and those who reach out to them.

Learn the signs of a sex trafficking victim and act. Most organizations that fight human trafficking post “recognize the signs” lists on their websites.

Fill your heart and mind with God’s truth and love. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are too strong to be trapped by some element in the human or sex trafficking business. Sex is a strong urge, and Satan exploits it for his purposes at every opportunity. Did you know human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in the world, behind drugs? We are inundated with sexual images in our culture and temptation awaits us. Keep your life in check.

As I conclude, I want to encourage you to pray for Robert Kraft as well. I know it is hard to show compassion to a wealthy man who has used young girls who have nothing but their bodies to sell. But Mr. Kraft was also made in the image of God.  Perhaps, in God’s timing, this embarrassing event in his life can ultimately be used to thwart the schemes of Satan.

In the meantime, commit Proverbs 4:23 to memory: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

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