Growing Kingdom People – Does God have a Punch Card?

Does God have a Punch Card?

It seems everyone has a loyalty program. I have so many rewards tags on my key chain, I have to be careful when I scan. Otherwise, I might try to enter my health club with my hardware store tag, or buy groceries with my auto parts store tag.

My favorite loyalty program is the one at the store that supplies my morning caffeine fix. Every seventh drink is free, and every now and then my store loads me up with bonus points. Presently, I am carrying almost 30,000 points. A few more and I’ll have enough for a new BMW!

Not really.

All I know is, when I scan my card in the morning the cashier says, “When you gonna cash in them points?”

I just shrug. Point hoarders are a unique breed.

Do you suppose God has a loyalty program? Does He keep track of our good deeds and send us a blessing when we hit certain milestones? And if He does, how does the system work?

Ten smiles at a stranger for one answered prayer?

Seven days of kindness for a new inspection sticker on our car?

Four trips to church for a good dentist report?


Be honest.

Have you ever expected something special as a member of God’s reward club?

Please don’t misunderstand. God does reward us. While I don’t quite understand how God will bless us in heaven, I believe we will receive a reward.

But it isn’t a point system.

Our reward is really Christ’s reward which He shares with us. He paid off our debt of sin at the cross and invites us into His kingdom by grace, through faith (Titus 3:7).

Christ wants us to be loyal, but not for the purpose of earning our salvation. We already have our reward when we put our trust in Him, but we are loyal because we are compelled to give Him our undying devotion.

We should still smile at strangers, do kind acts and go to church. God will work through these things to bless us. They are indeed signs we want to be engaged in a lifestyle that honors the One who gave His life for us.

It’s just that we could never punch enough credits to earn our salvation.

There was only one punch.

Ok, perhaps two.

There was a knock-out punch at Calvary and a second at the empty tomb.

What happened there deserves the highest loyalty.

But no card to carry.

Good thing. My key chain is full.

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