Growing Kingdom People – What’s the Big Deal about Kavanaugh?

What’s the Big Deal about Kavanaugh?

I know, I know!

This is a big moment in American history. The stage was set two years ago when a conservative candidate was elected President. The voting public knew, in advance, the next President would likely appoint at least two Supreme Court Justices.

Enter Kavanaugh, a conservative who will have the opportunity to apply our country’s constitution to legal issues for many years to come.

Add the present sensitivity to the sad reality of sexual abuse and misconduct, and the timing of the Kavanaugh nomination in relation to the mid-term election, and the current turmoil in our country becomes quite predictable.

This is a showdown! Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday have passed the entrance to the O.K. Corral and the Cowboys are gathered in an open lot. History will record the outcome.

It is a big deal. I get it.

I only wish we were more concerned at other times about the issues that seem to be so important now.

Drinking to excess.

Immoral behavior.

The objectification of women.

The assassination of character.


And various other topics that are dominating our public discourse.

Again, I get it. A Supreme Court Justice is an incredibly powerful individual, and the position demands a careful examination of his qualifications and character.

But a question keeps floating through my mind. After the dust settles and the court position is filled, what will become of our discussion? Will we still be concerned about drinking, parties, promiscuity, objectification, character, lying, etc.?

If a public figure gets busted, perhaps.

But other than that, do we care enough to make changes in our culture, our communities and our homes in order to nurture a different kind of society? Will the things people call “shameful” now, revert to the status quo later, or worse yet the presumed preferences of a spiritually bankrupt people?

The current battle in connection with Mr. Kavanaugh’s nomination is rampant with hypocrisy.

On all sides.

We simply are not who we claim to be when we evaluate others in light of who we think we are.

Please understand. I have my own desired outcome for the Supreme Court nomination process. It isn’t that I am not fully engaged in what’s going on, or am not concerned about the things I hear.

I only wish the moralistic language I hear now was more reflective of the country I live in 365 days a year.

Now that would be a BIG DEAL!

The rest is just talk.

Not always the nicest talk.

But talk.

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