Growing Kingdom People – Progress Does Not Equal Promiscuity

Progress Does Not Equal Promiscuity

There is a misperception that progress requires a loosening of moral values. It is thought that, perhaps, our traditions keep mankind from reaching its potential. Religion is commonly implicated in this conspiracy as values are fundamental to faith in God.

The logic goes something like this: “Traditional moral values are promoted by religious people. Many of these values keep me from living as I wish. Since I will be happier if I am able to live as I wish, then I must progress past archaic religious rules that keep me from reaching my potential.”

I don’t mean to suggest some religious beliefs have not required an overhaul to make human progress possible. I am thankful we no longer believe the earth is the center of the universe. Thank you, Copernicus and Galileo! I know it wasn’t easy.

But, just because some religious beliefs have held us back does not mean all religious beliefs run counter to progress. I should also add that religious beliefs are not necessarily biblical truths. For example, the notion the earth was the center of the universe was an incorrect interpretation of scripture that led to the formation of a theology which has been proven to be wrong. God didn’t misinform us. Instead, we created a man-made system and attached God’s name to it.

And then there is promiscuity.

As they used to say, “Preacher, now you’ve gone to meddling.”


First, let me say I don’t in any way mean to be insensitive to the mistakes we have made in our lives.  I have committed my life to the vision of restored lives through the saving message of Christ.  God takes us where we are and shows us a better future.

With this said, I for one don’t think promiscuous behavior is progress. This includes all forms of sex outside of marriage, including pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex and “Oh, I’ve already been married, but I’m single again, so its ok to have sex” sex.

When someone tries to convince me that promiscuity is a form of progress I think of…

…lives that have been turned into nightmares due to sexually transmitted diseases.
…dreams that have been shattered because of an unfaithful spouse.
…Christian witnesses that have been destroyed because of promiscuous relationships.
…bad marriages entered into because couples failed to honor God in their sexual practices.
…entire families that have disintegrated because of bad moral behavior.

I don’t see anything progressive about any of these situations.  In fact, I think promiscuity is regressive. It destroys the work of generations of parents who have worked hard to leave a legacy of godliness with their children and grandchildren.

This may sound silly, archaic, judgmental and old-fashioned.  If it does, I would like to introduce you to another word:



It’s the truth. Live for God and progress. Ignore God and watch your life fall apart.

I know. Sometimes we can honor God and still face heartache. And some people ignore God and seem to be doing pretty well.

No one said progress would be easy.

But progress isn’t promiscuity. Of this I am sure. If you don’t believe me, check out today’s Center for Disease Control’s report on sexually transmitted disease. Our country is facing a dangerous four-year trend of destruction.

Not progress at all.

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