Growing Kingdom People – Where’s Your Line?

Where’s Your Line?

Everyone has a line.

Or so it seems.

Our line is the conviction we won’t break.

Or the one we will.

It is the outer rim of our willingness to profess our faith.

And the place where our faith engages.

We don’t like to admit we have a line, but we do. Consider these behaviors:

Where do our “out loud” prayers become our “to ourselves” prayers with our eyes open?

When our employer tells us not to share our faith we call it persecution.  When it is our business and we censor our faith, we call it wisdom.

How do we conduct our lives when no one is looking?  When the world is watching?

Can others push us past the line?

Or do we have our own line no matter how hard the world pushes?

Why is this on my mind now?  Because the true meaning of Easter isn’t always easy to talk about.  Christmas is different.  We don’t mind talking about the Baby Jesus.  Who can’t relate to stable animals, shepherds, a star and magi on camels?  They are……cuddly.

But Easter? Easter is about a Savior who was tortured and crucified, then raised to life.  Not “risen in our hearts” mind you, but resurrected.

That means the body of Jesus that was placed in the tomb came back to life. A motionless chest started to move again.   Fingers and toes wiggled.

He sat up.

He stood up!

He walked out!

Are you comfortable talking about a Savior who died a cruel death, then rose bodily from the dead?

Not just in our hearts.

Not as a ghost or a figment of one’s imagination.

His heart was beating again.

The resurrection is a big deal, not only because it is supernatural and extraordinary but also because it is so necessary. It validates everything Jesus said about the things He had done, was doing and was going to do.

The resurrection is a line that separates followers of Jesus from casual adherents.   The Apostle Paul wrote, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: (Rom 1:16a)

The “gospel” is Jesus crucified for our sins and risen in glory. It is His appearances to many after His resurrection and the testimony of those who saw Him.  It is the “good news” that sin and death are defeated and we can be set free!

Why should there be a line in our lives? When Jesus came to His line on His way to Calvary He crossed it.

It is the lines in our lives that define us.

Where is yours drawn?

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