Growing Kingdom People – Those silly weather reporters

Growing Kingdom People – Those silly weather reporters 

We have all seen them. They stand in high water, walk through rubbish and blow in the wind.

They are the weather reporters who stand in the middle of the storm to bring people like us the latest.

Limbs are crashing down.  Rain is pelting the sidewalk.  Someone is driving through two feet of water.

Boy, will they be sorry!

Honestly, I’m not sure they are necessary…the outside reporters, that is.

That’s right. The cameras show us what is happening.  We could still get the same news if they stood in a safer location.

Besides, its dangerous!  Weather reporters get hit by flying debris all the time.

So, if it isn’t absolutely necessary that they be there (which I don’t believe it is), and if it is dangerous to be there, why do they do it?

Obviously, one reason they do it is for ratings.

Storms “sell.” It is much more exciting to see an actual person getting blown to the ground than a twig from a tree floating across the sidewalk.

Oh, we hope they don’t get hurt!

But do we, really?

As long as people stand for a crash at a NASCAR race, we will have reporters standing in storms.

But there is another reason.  There is something to be said for someone who is able to put us in the story as it unfolds. We can’t be there, but they can.  We live vicariously through them. Weather reporters stand in the storm for the same reason correspondents travel with troops in military vehicles.  They don’t want to just “bring the news”.  They want to take us “to” the news.

Sometimes I ponder why Jesus came in human flesh. The Bible says He came to “dwell” with us, and therefore we know He understands our condition.  He also represented us on the cross where He bore our sins.

Yet, there is another reason Jesus came as He did that I often overlook.

Jesus came to “dwell” with us, so He could show me how to “dwell” with others. When you picture Jesus during His ministry, what do you see?

A man reaching out to the sick and outcast?

A teacher walking into people’s darkness to show them the way out?

A suffering servant?

Jesus came for me, but He came for you too. He came for everyone everywhere.

And while He showed us what He was willing to do for us, He also demonstrated what He wants us to do for others.

At His last meal with the disciples before the cross He washed their feet, then said, “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you” (John 13:15).

The next time you read the gospel and you find Jesus in the middle of a challenging moment in His ministry, don’t just think of His love for you. He does love you, no doubt!  But realize He was showing you how to love others.

In His famous teaching on caring for the needy, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me” (Matthew 25:45).

Do you want to stand in the storm too?

You can.

You should.

You must.

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  1. Thanks for this thought provoking post Larry! I feel the same way about those reporters. And you are right about Jesus showing us how to love others through life’s storms. Blessings!

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