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Restoring Power to our “Ones”

The lights in our neighborhoods are coming on.

We live in a region of the country brushed by Hurricane Matthew. Things were much better than they could have been, but not quite as good as predicted.  As a result, some homes still don’t have power, and a few people don’t’ have homes.

Two of my neighbors have their homes wired for generators. When our power went off of a few days ago I walked out the front door and their houses were lit up like Christmas trees.  They had the power!

We didn’t.

Yet, electricity isn’t the only power that matters.

Consider the contrast between our situation and that of those in Haiti whose communities were ravaged by the storm. We were worried our frozen chicken might spoil.  Our friends in Haiti were burying their dead.  We were cranking up generators to drive our sound system for worship.  They were worshipping outside because their church buildings had been blown away.

Last Sunday, our church family reflected on how minor our inconveniences were compared to the devastation our brothers and sisters in Haiti were experiencing. But we had one thing in common.

We had power.

The power of our resurrected Lord Jesus flowed freely through our souls.  It gave believers in Haiti the confidence to continue.  It stirred our heart to do something to help them.  The power of Jesus generates different things in different people.

But no hurricane can blow it away.

No flood can wash it away.

We have power.

However, some don’t. Some have every gadget imaginable and every appliance available.  But inside they are drained.  Their batteries are dead.  They have no hope.

They need power.

Soon our local power companies will have everyone’s electricity working again. But just because the lights are on doesn’t mean a home has power.

As you pray for “one” person who needs Jesus, I encourage you to look for power outages in the lives of others. They’re not always easy to spot.  Keep your eyes open for people who need help with daily tasks and your ears open for those who need someone to listen.

There is a good chance someone you know is living on a generator and running low on gas. They’re not sure what they are going to do next.

Share the power.

Not our power, but His power.

Jesus’ power never runs out, and when our world around us crumbles it not only keeps us full, but it also provides a light for those around us. Power companies restore our electricity until next time.  Jesus restores our hope until we see Him face to face.

We have power to spare.  Let’s share it!



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  1. Wonderful post, Larry! I shared! Praying for one! And operating under the Lord’s power! Blessings!

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