Growing Kingdom People – Pray for One – 13

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Excitement Over “One”!

For the past several weeks, as our church family has entered its “Pray for One” emphasis, people have been sharing stories about their “one”.  By way of definition, a “one” can be an acquaintance, a stranger, a family member, friend or neighbor.  It is anyone God brings into our lives who needs Jesus.

A few hours ago someone showed me his Facebook interaction with a friend who has turned his back on God. His replies to his friend were loving and hopeful.  With a gleam in his eyes he said,  “This could be my one”!

Can a Facebook interaction lead someone to God? Sure.  And it was great to see someone so excited about his “one”.  Sooner or later someone who shares the love of Jesus enthusiastically is going to see some fruit.  And if I read 1 Corinthians 3:6 correctly, God has a way of honoring our efforts, whether we are planting the gospel message or watering what someone else has already  planted.

You may be aware of three parables Jesus told about people who were excited over “one”. The parables are found in Luke 15.  The first is about a shepherd who left 99 sheep to find one lost sheep.  When he found him, he carried him home on his shoulders and told all of his neighbors he was found.  Jesus ends this first parable by telling us heaven rejoices over one sinner who repents.

The second parable is about a woman who loses a valuable coin. She tears her house apart until she finds it, and when she does, she lets all of her neighbors know.

The final parable is probably the most famous. It is a parable about a wayward son who wastes his life in a far country, but comes home to a gracious and loving father.  When he arrives, his father welcomes him home and invites his neighbors to come and celebrate.

All of these parables are about one thing that was lost. When what was lost was found, people were excited.  We should be excited too about finding our “one”.

I will forewarn you: Praying for your “one” takes great patience. Since none of us know with certainty how God is working in our lives, we don’t always know the impact of our conversations with others.  However, if we don’t make the effort, we can pretty must guarantee nothing will happen.

When we “Pray for One” we want to nurture a sense of “expectancy” in our hearts. “Expectancy” is really a form of trust.  Remember, “God makes it grow.”  This is why I am excited about my “one”.  I believe God is going to bless anything I do, whether I plant or water.  When we share a collective “expectancy” God uses our combined efforts to create a place where many “ones” can see Jesus.

I am excited about your “one”! When you discover who it is, let me know.  We will celebrate together!

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