Growing Kingdom People – Pray for One – 4

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One Thing Leads to Another

The hand of God works in mysterious ways.  That’s why, when we begin to “Pray for One” we should prepare to be surprised.

Recently, God impressed a need on my heart to open my life up to others at the fitness center I frequent.  I have never been rude to others I meet there, but I haven’t exactly been overly friendly.  My philosophy has always been that if I am working out, I need to work, not talk.  So for years I have hopped on an exercise machine, turned on my kindle and tuned out the rest of the world for an hour and five minutes of my life.

Then God challenged me to “Pray for One”.  Through a series of highly unusual events, after I began praying, He made it clear it was time for me to change.  My first lengthy conversation was with a man I met while attending a service at an area church.  He recognized me as a member of the fitness center and the next time we saw each other there we began to talk.

But he was a believer.  So if I prayed for my “one” and God led me to a believer, what was I to think?  Maybe He was just getting me warmed up.  You know: breaking the ice that had formed around my heart.

Then, last week, my new friend at the fitness center introduced me to an elderly woman he knows.  When she walked away he said, “She’s an atheist.”

Wow!  Maybe, she’s my “one” for now!  Maybe.  Or maybe God is just getting me ready for something else by showing me how blind I have been.  I have been treating the people at the fitness center like nameless stick figures, oblivious to their spiritual needs.

I don’t know what God has in mind.  It is possible my no-nonsense, run and read days at the fitness center are over.  In fact, I am pretty sure of it.

This means I am going to have to give up something else in order for God to answer my prayer for “one.”  It seems He is always asking me to give up something…

…to gain something more.

Does He treat you that way as well?






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