Growing Kingdom People – Pray for One – 1

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Growing Kingdom People – Pray for One

Today, our Growing Kingdom People blog post shifts to a new focus, or rather a more specific focus. In past blogs I have reflected on how kingdom thinking impacts our perspective on current events.  Now it is time to think about how the way we think changes how we view individuals.

Some time ago the Manchester Christian Church in Manchester, New Hampshire started to “pray for one”, at the prompting of their Senior Pastor Bo Chancey. The mindset of the church began an immediate transformation.

What was their prayer and who was their “one?” The “one” was someone God might be bringing into the lives of members (or regular attenders) at any given moment, and the prayer was that something might be said or done to bring that “one” to know Jesus.

Through our Growing Kingdom People blog, we are going to begin the process of praying for “one.” Realize, this doesn’t mean there is just “one” person in our lives who needs Jesus.  But there is “one” on God’s mind at any given moment who might be influenced in the direction of Jesus by something we say or do.

Here are some “one” facts:

The person you have been praying for in your life may not be the “one” you will reach for Jesus. Many of us have someone we care about we have been trying to lead to Jesus for years. It is highly possible God will use someone else to say or do something that will make the difference. Keep praying for your loved one, but also begin to think about others in your life who need Jesus. Pray that God will show you your “one.”

There is more than one “one.” The “Pray for One” mindset the church in Manchester adopted was perpetual. After God showed some people their “one” and a soul was brought to Jesus, He began showing them another “one”, and will continue to do so for their rest of their lives.

Praying for one changes how we think about everyone. One of our church elders has begun praying for “one” and has already seen his prayer change his attitude toward others. Recently, when his patience was tested by a client he said, “What if this is my “one?” This simple question changed everything and he began to look at everything he said and did as an open door for the gospel.

The “one” you reach might be someone else’s loved one. Somewhere a parent, spouse or child is praying for a loved one to come to Jesus. They had tried everything, but perhaps their familiarity has made it more difficult for the person they love to receive the gospel from them. Your prayer for your “one” might lead you to do or say something that will finally make the difference.

Our prayer for “one” fits our Growing Kingdom People vision perfectly.  A farmer or gardener can do a lot of things to make plants grow, but nothing is going to happen until the seed is planted.  Praying for “one” and looking for opportunities to plant spiritual seeds for Jesus is where Growing Kingdom People begins.

I know this shift in my blog emphasis might catch you by surprise. You might have been hoping for a commentary on a current event.  Current events are important, and the kingdom that grows within God’s people can make a difference in a broken world.  But it all starts with “one”, therefore, we are going to begin praying for “one.”

And so, even if it seems a bit sudden, would you join me right now and pray, “Lord lead me to my one today?”

(Insert prayer)

Now, see what God does today, in you and through you…

…when you pray for “one.”

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  1. It does, indeed, start with one. PTL that someone reached out to me and I was their one. Thanks for the post, Larry!

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