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Kingdom Endorsement

Well, I am ready to do it! For months I have been hem hawing around about the one I believe can best lead our country back to its foundation.   Please understand, I haven’t reached my conclusion lightly.  I am also aware I might lose some friends as a result of my choice.  But my patience has run out and I must speak.  I can only ask that you will view me with as much grace as possible.

My choice for the one most likely to restore our sensibilities and help us rebuild a society that loves and honors God is…


That’s right. We are the ones God has called to bring order out of chaos and rekindle hope in the hearts of fellow-citizens.

Don’t get me wrong.  We should not hold ourselves accountable for the bad decisions elected officials make.  I also believe those in authority over us can set a good moral direction for our country with wise laws and a positive example.

Yet, as a country, I am convinced the real power to change our present course rests in “we the people”, not government. This is true in terms of the Constitution, but also the church, and the home.

I’m going to meddle. But what’s new, right?

I believe churches and families still constitute the bedrock of our society. I know things are changing and I realize there are a number of important issues facing both the church and the family.  But I have some honest questions I would like to ask.

We are angry at our government for neglecting the moral fiber of our country, but where are we investing our time, resources and energy? Are we doing everything possible to build the kingdom of God in our community, or are we spectators who expect other, more “religious” people to keep the work of Lord going while we do our own thing?  The church was there for our children.  Are we there for the next generation?  Church members reached out to us when we were hurting.  Are we actively involved in a church family where we can join with believers in caring for others?

Have I meddled enough yet?

In regards to our families, are we leading them with a spiritual agenda, or a worldly agenda? I can count at least five young people who presently need to make decisions for Christ.  They have expressed a desire to their parents and their parents have told me they will get with me when “things settle down.”  In the meantime the window of opportunity for their children’s interest in the Lord is closing.  “But they have their whole life to make a decision,” you might say.  True, depending on how long they live.  However, in the future they will have to overcome the perspective that the Lord Jesus is important, but not important enough to stop what they are doing to consider a core decision that will affect their life here and their eternal destiny.

Please don’t misunderstand my intent here. I do not wish to heap guilt on anyone or trivialize the trouble we are in as a nation.  However, I am convinced of this: no good law will stand if the majority of the people don’t want it, and no bad law will be repealed if the majority of the people don’t fight it.  In the final analysis, the future of our country has as much to do with the decisions we make every day as it does the one we make every four years in a Presidential election.

With this sad, I want to be sure you know I see a connection between our elected officials and the spiritual lives of our citizens. A politician with godly values who governs effectively and leads with grace and faith can set an example others want to follow.

Just don’t wait for the government to do our job as believers. And when believing candidates are voted into office, don’t be surprised if their influence doesn’t last.  We can’t expect others to do our job for us.   We also can’t blame others for something they really don’t have the power to decide.  Remember?  “We the people?”

Believers in Jesus are the ones who must ultimately decide what it means to be a people of faith. But then, this is nothing new.  It’s a tale as old as time.  If you don’t believe me read the sad history of the “on again-off again” faith of God’s people in the Old Testament.

Have you made your choice? One thing is for sure: no one can make it for you.

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