Pray Here – 38

Therefore, this is where we find ourselves: aware that hope exists, but sinking in a quagmire of broken dreams, burdened hearts and unanswered questions.  If we feel responsible for our circumstances we pile guilt on top of everything else.  If we feel betrayed by others we do our best to manage our anger.  And if we aren’t sure how we arrived at our destination we might assume we are under some mysterious curse or that the world is out to get us.

This is when we ask, “Are we going to be a George Washington Carver or an Absalom?”  We can use our circumstances in our families as an excuse to lash out at the world or harness our frustrations into forward progress.  In either case, we can be sure God has a path for us with promise and hope.  Carver found it.  Absalom didn’t.

Once we make the fundamental decision to let crisis move us in a better direction, we can look to God with a hopeful spirit and a willing heart.  We can number our days aright and seek wisdom (Psalm 90:12).  We may not always be able to predict God’s timing, but we can be assured of His faithfulness.  It is also highly possible our crisis will be a catalyst to a greater place of influence in the kingdom.

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