Pray Here – 28

The Anxious Prayer

Prayer during stressful times is problematic.  The mere notion we would come before the Lord in a stage of agitation stirs guilt within us.  Since He cautioned us against worry, how can He not be disappointed in us when we approach Him all “out of sorts?”

Also, our conversation is difficult during a time of stress, and prayer is no different.  In fact, the Apostle’s words concerning the Spirit’s intercession when we don’t know what to say proves this point (Romans 8:26).  If God has made special provision for our confusion, He must understand the effect burdens can impose on our hearts and minds.

Add to this the inexperienced nature of stressful circumstances in our lives.  We are most troubled when we are moving into new territory and have no history to give us perspective on the seriousness of our trials.  If we have never been “here” before, how do we know what we need from God?  What do we say or ask?  This is why we have such admiration for the list of faithful in Hebrews 11.  People like Noah, Abraham and Rahab were acting on faith, based on their prior knowledge of God, but not their advanced knowledge of events.  The scripture doesn’t go into detail as to their emotions, but their behavior appears unshakable.  We yearn for such confidence.


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