Pray Here – 26

I stand amazed when I talk with conscientious, godly people, who are doing everything possible to answer God’s calling in their lives.  But sometimes, even the best work in the world can start to interfere with our spiritual walk.

You may be familiar with the “sandwich generation”: the phenomenon of middle-aged adults who are trying to care for their parents while raising their children.  Caring for both parents and children is nothing new, but the financial burden of doing both has increased dramatically.  I know people who are doing their best to adjust to this new reality, as well as meet other unique needs in their lives.  To be honest, I don’t know how they do it without sinking.  Only God’s grace sustains them.

Some aren’t necessarily trying to answer God’s call, but rather find themselves swimming in a sea of debt and bills that seem to pile-up by the minute.  Others are trying to unravel a labyrinth of consequences they have accumulated after years of poor choices, and in addition to their circumstances they are struggling with guilt and regret.

These kinds of stressors, combined with the trouble that plagues us all can bring us to the brink of sanity.  We all have limits, and perhaps you are at yours now.

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Minister and story teller.
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