Pray Here – 17

Just recently a young boy in the congregation I serve had surgery for a burst appendix.  Although his ordeal was painful and frightening, it was also cause for great thanksgiving.  His loving parents recognized his symptoms and rushed him to the emergency room where doctors had him transferred to one of the finest children’s hospitals in the country.  Once there, surgeons made some skilled assessments and rolled the boy into surgery.  When I arrived at the hospital, he was alert and surrounded by family and nurses.

If we were to rank the blessings in this situation, which ones would we place at the top of the list?  Certainly, the loving parents who cared for their son would be prime candidates.  So would the technology that made the surgery possible, since all of the love in the world wouldn’t have mattered if medical care had been inaccessible.

In reality, it is dangerous to rank our blessings, since we can’t possibly see things from God’s perspective.  For example, how can we know the back-story of the doctor who treated the boy I have mentioned?  What great work did the providential hand of God perform in his life that brought him to the place he needed to be at the time two worried parents needed him?

Yet, as noted, if we aren’t capable of listing every blessing, we must make some sort of determination.  Permit me to suggest three categories for your consideration: people, timing and things.

I place people first because God moves in the hearts and minds of those He sends into our lives.  God commissions supernatural angels to care for our needs, but He also uses human angels or messengers to carry out His mission.  We can all think of people who have influenced us and helped us through difficult times.  There are others who may not have connected with us on an emotional level, but performed a kind or courageous act that changed our lives.  Where would we be without people?

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