Pray Here – 5

Prayer is a means of discerning God’s will, as well as an avenue through which we journey in that will.  Sometimes we ask for God’s leading and at other times we react to His prompting.  But regardless of the circumstance, prayer is how we move forward as disciples.

In the midst of trouble, more than one believer has cried out, “I don’t know what to say to God”.  Perhaps you have even pondered, “Is this really a matter of prayer?”  Certainly God cares about everything in our lives, but are we to bring everything before Him.  Is it possible to pray for the wrong things?  Or can we pray for the right things in the wrong way, or the wrong place?

We can be sure God wants to hear from us, and His grace is big enough to cover any misguided protocol.  But He is unable to answer us if we fail to ask.  Our silence does not prohibit God from working in other ways, but it impairs our ability to understand how.

Therefore, every situation in our lives shouts “Pray here!”  Our response determines our future.

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