Jesus – What You Need to Know -67

It is difficult to step in the direction of an unseen light. Perhaps you have roamed through a familiar building at night, moving slowing until you reach a light switch. You are confident of the availability of light, even before you flip the switch.

But what if you happen to be in a strange building at night? I know it is unlikely, and if you were in such a place, it is possible you would carry a flashlight. Yet, even though the building was new to you, you could safely assume the lighting system was similar to other facilities you had entered, and a light switch could be found with relative ease.

However, imagine you entered a foreign space without any light whatsoever.  What if you didn’t know for certain light existed, such as in a building under construction. Would you step forward or retreat until daylight? Most of us would probably opt for the latter to avoid injury.

Following Jesus as our Light can be familiar, but it can also be mysterious. At times, we have no idea where He is leading us. In our worst moments we might even wonder if He is present. Yet, the beauty of following the One who is Light in His person is the realization our forward movement is not limited by our prior experience.  In other words, Jesus often leads us where we have never been with light we have never seen. Like His Father He takes us through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23) and into green pastures. We can be difficult to lead, but He prods and prompts us in the right direction and reveals His truth to us as we travel together. Did not the two on the road to Emmaus feel their hearts burn within them as Jesus opened the scriptures? (Luke 23:13-35)

Knowing where we are going and where the light might take us is not a prerequisite for moving forward. However, it is critical that we choose Jesus as our Light.

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  1. Lovely post, Larry. This really resonated with me today. We have to trust that Christ is taking us to where He wants us to be, even if it is someplace we’ve never been before! Blessings!

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