Jesus- What You Need to Know – 60

Ask in his Name  

When we understand God’s will this way, we experience greater freedom in our prayer live and less frustration in our walk.  Can God heal us from sickness and disease?  Absolutely!  Will he?  We cannot know for certain.  But we pray, because most of all we want His will to be done, and we want to display His power for the world to see.  We must also pray for the grace to accept His answer and the courage to work within His plan.  This is our greatest act of surrender: to accept His will for our lives and His purpose for our circumstances.  In this way we never actually surrender to our illness, but rather claim authority over it for eternal glory.

This approach to our Physician takes great faith; greater faith than that which presumes to know His mind fully.  Yet, this is the kind of faith that pleases God.  It is the ultimate “servant’s heart”.  And yes, we will be healed on the final day.  But don’t wait until then to wait for God to work in your life.  Ask Him now to give you understanding, and direct you in His steps.

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