Jesus – What You Need to Know – 46

The Uncommon Factor

What set’s Christians apart?  If we are involved in the sanctification process, we will certainly be distinguishable by virtue of our behavior.  But even this isn’t all that unique, since many people in our culture strive to be better citizens, parents, employees and members of the human race.

The world can easily spot the “form” of Christianity, typified by buildings, religious activities, the support of moral causes and relief efforts.  Yet, other groups also have buildings, activities, causes and benevolence.

We are first and foremost different because we serve an uncommonly common Savior.  He is otherworldly while being down to earth.  His unique place as the Son of God gave Him the right to die in our place, but his passion for us led Him to temporarily give up His right to avoid pain.  One of the reasons we often act in radical and unexpected ways is because we don’t serve a dead philosophy or put our faith in a moral code alone.  Instead we serve a living Savior who pulls at our heart-strings and leads us in righteousness.

Because our uniquely uncommon Lord became a commoner, our common life has taken on an uncommon flavor.  We are engaged in a new life, spurred on by the living Son of God, and nothing about us will ever be common again.  This is the practical working out of the description Paul gave of our Christian walk when he said, “The righteous will live by faith” (Romans 1:17).  We are made righteous by the Son, and He carries our banner as we follow Him wherever He takes us.

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