Jesus – What You Need to Know – 44

The word “journey” is most often used to describe a process full of unpredictable events.  This is why many Christians speak of their walk with the Lord as a journey.  Certainly, when we make our decision to follow Jesus, we can’t possibly predict where He will take us, or what He will do through us.  Yet, our culture’s use of the word journey can lead us in a wrong and sometimes confusing direction.

For some, a journey involves both unpredictable events and result.  For example, in the beginning of an athletic season, a team might have some indication of how it stacks up against the competition, but few people can predict every win and loss with complete accuracy, and in any given sport, normally only one team wins it all.

Not long ago, billionaire Warren Buffett offered to pay one billion dollars to anyone who could perfectly predict an NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness tournament sheet.  The odds of not needing to pay out to someone who accurately predicts every game of the tournament are in Buffett’s favor.  His challenge is a testament to the uncertainty of an earthly outcome in something as basic as basketball.

In contrast, the outcome of the Christian journey is certain, and everyone who lives for Christ can be assured of their final victory.  It is true, we can’t predict where the Lord will take us, or how He will choose to use our talent, time and energy for His glory.  We also can’t anticipate every triumph or tragedy along the way.  These are the signposts of a true adventure.  However, when our lives are over, and we see Jesus face to face, our faith will be realized by sight, and we will be rewarded for our faithfulness.  This is the nature of the Christian’s journey.

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