100% Jesus – 97

Sharing the 100% Jesus 

We return now to our initial goal of sharing Christ in our toxic world.  If we hope to be on mission in every area of our lives, allowing God’s Word to filter out everything that doesn’t look like Jesus, then we must ask ourselves how we are doing.

First, is our passion for lost people growing?  Do our hearts break at the thought there are those who need Jesus whose image of Him might be obscured by gross misrepresentations of His teaching and character?  Does it matter that we might not share Him as He is, or that our lives might be filled with so many contradictory habits that others are unable to appreciate our Lord?  Are our words seasoned with salt (Colossians 4:6), or have the toxins of the world trampled down our witness and left our message a bitter pill for others to swallow?

If salvation isn’t important, then our attempt to reflect Jesus is eternally irrelevant.  We might be better people, but we are still without hope.  But if there is a life after this one, and if the present world is going to become obsolete, then we must make sure the world sees the biblical Jesus, and hears His call to a new life.

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