100% Jesus – 91

The Organic Walk

We face many obstacles as we strive to remove the additives that obscure the presence of Jesus in our lives.  Ironically, even the steps we take to acquire an organic approach to our faith can turn toxic.  It is common to find churches using the terms “real” and “authentic” in their marketing strategy.  What do these terms mean, and who determines when worship is real or authentic?  Is it defined by our casual dress, an acoustic feel in worship or the passionate expression on people’s faces?  Or is it something more, or altogether different?

One of the interesting characteristics of Jesus’ Beatitudes is that most of them can be pursued with little public display.  Other people can’t see the work God is doing in our hearts, and it may not be obvious how hungry or thirsty we are for righteousness.  Mercy is sometimes administered through non-action and meekness involves the surrender of our will in our private moments of prayer.

This does not mean our spiritual walk is purely private.  Far from this, the purpose of removing toxins from our lives is to allow the truth of Jesus to shine for the whole world to see.  Yet, it is wrong to assume we can determine whether or not someone is real or authentic in a single encounter.

The organic walk is just that: a walk, not a sprint.  It is a lifestyle where the nature of Christ is revealed daily in the decisions we make.  We are full of flaws, but determined to overcome them, tempted to seek revenge, but tempered by the cross, spiritually needy, yet thirty and hungry for more.  Perhaps the shortest and most accurate description of this life comes from John when he writes, “Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did” (1 John 2:6).

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