100% Jesus – 70

How Clear Is Our Vision?

If seeing Jesus is synonymous with seeing God, how do we calculate clarity?  Do our visions of the Son and the Father run parallel to one another, or is it possible to see less of one and more of the other?  How do we see Jesus since He isn’t physically with us?

In our search for answers to these questions it is important to remember our ultimate goal of sharing the 100% Jesus with our world.  How can we help others see what we have not first seen?  Because of God’s infinite qualities, it is impossible to estimate how much of Him we have actually seen.  But it is important to ponder how spiritual eyesight works so we can consistently improve our vision.  The eternal future of others may well depend on whether or not we consider this a priority.

We see Jesus in the scriptures, through believers whose lives have been fashioned by His teaching and inner presence, and through circumstances in which He appears to be moving.  The last of these three is the most subjective and we must be honest enough to admit our discernment of events can be flawed.  The obvious influence of the Lord in the lives of His people is more tangible, but even this can be misdirected by those who have learned to use Jesus as a vehicle for personal gain.  The scriptures paint the most definitive picture of all, and even though they must be interpreted by fallible human beings, they are distinct and unchanging.

With these three visions in mind, we might correctly say any attempt to mathematically align our image of the Father and the Son is irrelevant.  Jesus was “God with us”, but His earthly acts before those who saw Him helped people understand the attributes of the Father whom they had not seen.  God put His Son in human form, but the form was not His fullness.  The fullness of God, found in Jesus, could not be seen with the human eye.  Yet, what was seen with the human eye made that fullness possible to grasp.

From the objective to the subjective, we paint the most accurate picture of Jesus possible in our minds, and we take our artwork on tour each waking moment.  We pursue what we cannot see in its entirety, so we can give our world a glimpse of its Creator.  It isn’t necessary to show others 100% of Jesus, but it is important to do our best to make sure what we pass along is pure Jesus.

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