100% Jesus – 57

Of course, when it comes to good spiritual nutrition we are still left to determine what constitutes “Jesus food.”  This discernment takes work, which is why we can only succeed when we take responsibility for our diet.  We will flourish is we feast on these biblical points: 1) the things Jesus did, 2) the things Jesus said, and 3) the things other people said about what Jesus did and said.  In this way we plant spiritual truths in our hearts and reinforce them by modeling our Savior’s perfect example.

We also rely on the Holy Spirit and His sanctifying work in our hearts.  He is the One who created the Word that communicates the pure Jesus we seek to follow.  The Holy Spirit helps us process spiritual food and convert it into a life of worship.

As we follow Jesus’ example and His teachings, and the Holy Spirit transforms us from within, we devour the grace that pours from Calvary.  This is our eternal food, even our salvation, which guarantees the removal of sin through the sacrifice of blood and eternal life by the resurrection from the dead.

If you hunger and thirst, you will be filled.  Give Jesus His rightful place at the table and you will always have access to the righteousness that brings lasting joy.

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Minister and story teller.
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