100% Jesus – 26

This is the point at which we break some of the unfortunate stereotypes associated with the poor spirited.  They are not emotionally impoverished or stoic, mindless automatons.  Instead, they are zealous for the kingdom and often offer their last ounce of devotion for the One who gave His life for them.  Though David saw the Messiah through a dim mirror, he shared the perspective of New Testament worshippers when he wrote, “For zeal for your house consumes me”! (Psalm 69:9).

As followers of Jesus, this should be our ideal.  But we should never define zeal as an undisciplined crusade.  We must remember this is not our kingdom, or our battle.  Indeed, the battle belongs to the Lord, and as long as He reigns in our lives our highest goal is to obey Him in everything.

Perhaps it has already occurred to you how important the filtering of our sinful self is to our deeper passion for God.  The impurities indoctrinated into our former self by the Deceiver are gradually removed and our true self emerges.  This self, poor in spirit, offers its full allegiance to the King.

Once this process begins, our development as ambassadors of the kingdom flourishes.  We can’t help but be more effective in our witness in a world that craves authenticity and loathes rote religious practice.  Practice alone can create a false passion that places more attention on spiritual jargon and activity.  Real passion is first humble, then fully subservient to God’s kingdom agenda.

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