The Father and the Bride – 21

A church that knows the source of its radiance not only lives to praise Christ, but also finds peace in His presence.  Several years ago George Strait popularized a song about a man who rejected a woman because he foolishly failed to recognize how his lack of investment in her life had robbed her of her countenance.  She moved on to a new relationship.  One day the man saw her and was overwhelmed by her beauty.  The song, “You Look So Good in Love”, contained these words: “He must have stolen some stars from the sky, and gave them to you to wear in your eyes.”

This is our story.  When Christ found us we were used up and beaten down by the evil one.  But He poured grace out into our lives and restored us.  Now we are a part of the radiance.

I have seen Christ’s love transform a human heart and bring light to a sinner’s face.  I have also seen His church renew its reliance on His love and rekindle its passion for His mission.  Some people believe the church will be better when it learns to love Christ more.  While this is certainly true, I am convinced the most important thing is for the church to learn to experience Christ’s love more.  Loving Christ will make us obedient.  Being loved by Christ will make us radiant.

Let’s see how this love changes His Bride.  It is pure.  It is powerful!

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Minister and story teller.
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