#2 Pencil Faith – Entry 55

If Satan thinks we are abnormal, he is right.  This is the nature of people with a growing faith.  They grow less normal with time.  Some might call it the “new normal”, but I think it is just our foolish side showing.  It is better to be a fool for Christ, than to let the Deceiver trick us out of eternity.

There is also less anxiety associated with the abnormal life.  Once we admit our understanding of God’s providence isn’t as finely tuned as we thought, we can begin to look behind our trials for new glimpses of His glory.  When we discover it is alright to contend with God over perceived miscarriages of justice, we don’t have to hide anymore.  And when we can discuss our fears and doubts openly, trusting in God even when we have no idea how our circumstances are going to turn out, Satan and his demonic force are neutralized.  This is why, sometimes, we have to be at the end of our resources before we are willing to give God the place in our lives He deserves.  The illusion of a normal faith doesn’t stand up well against the delusions of the evil one.  But the truth of the matter, bathed with grace, leads us home.

None of us like turmoil, or the unsettled feelings in our hearts that seem to accompany our trials.  We would rather find a patch to cover our pain, and a powerful scripture or two to chase Satan away.  This might work in the small things, but if we use the same method for more complex events in our lives, we are going to either collapse within or succumb to the delusion.

The Lord challenges us to take on our circumstances with courage and truth.  He proposes crazy axioms such as “the last will be first and the first will be last” and “love your enemies.”  When we are discouraged and feeling somewhat abandoned, it is hard to believe Jesus knows what He is talking about.  But in the valley He teaches us.  In the pit He transforms us.  When we emerge we realize we will never be normal again.

Can you think of any other “crazy” statements Jesus made during His ministry?  What do you believe we can expect when we follow these “foolish” truths?

Dear God, help me trust You to know what You are talking about.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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