#2 Pencil Faith – Entry 51

Therefore, in time, we learn to wait and meditate before passing judgment on any set of circumstances.  If we were dealing with a statistically rich environment with multiple controls, such as professional baseball, or national politics, we might be so arrogant to venture an answer.  But when we stand in the presence of the God with whom “all things are possible”, we must be ready for anything.

This means the 80% of certainty I stand in as I journey with God, is constantly transformed.  The basic tenets remain the same, but my awareness of how God might exercise His absolute sway in the universe deepens.  What I come to know teaches me just how much I have yet to learn, and the mere existence of so many possibilities, combined with my trust in God, gives me the courage to stand even as fear and doubt crouch at the door.

I believe Mary, the mother of Jesus was already a young woman of great faith when God chose her.  But I see this same process of discovery in her comment to Gabriel: “How will this be?” (Luke 1:34)  Mary’s inquiry was prompted by her commitment to sexual purity.  We can appreciate her confusion.  Her bigger dilemma, however, is common to all.  When God’s hand in our circumstances operates out of the realm of preconceived possibilities, how can we move forward?

This changes as we learn to live by the “Law of Possibilities.”  As long as we are willing to accept the fact we are unable to predict an outcome,  we can trust God to work things out for His glory.  We can find the courage to walk with Him through the process, even when we have serious reservations about the future.

Is it hard for you to move ahead with God when you can’t any new possibilities?  How do you trust Him in spite of your reservations?

Dear God, broaden my horizon.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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