#2 Pencil Faith – Entry 44

Then how do we grow in faith?  What did the disciples lack in their fishing boat that caused Jesus to be critical, and how were they supposed to fix the problem?  I propose they would not have grown had they asked what good things they needed to do to prove their faith to Jesus.  How then does faith grow?

Faith is, at its root, trust.  Therefore, for faith to grow, we must be more open to God’s leading, and more willing to accept His will for our lives.  This means the sign of a growing faith is not the quick resolution of circumstances, or the showering of worldly gifts, but rather an increase in God’s influence in our lives as we trust Him to use us for His glory.  The problem with the disciples in the boat wasn’t that they hadn’t done enough for God, but rather they forgot He was there in their presence waiting for them to trust Him in everything.

A growing faith is fueled as we fill our minds with God’s Word, and take steps of faith with no pretense.  Heroes of faith don’t care about the earthly outcome of their own lives, but rather the good of the kingdom and God’s ultimate working out of His eternal plan.

How would you contrast “work-based” faith with trust?  How does trust allow God to do more in our lives?

Dear God, help me resist the temptation to do it all myself.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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