#2 Pencil Faith – Entry 33

How then, do we organize our steps?  Unfortunately, our struggles don’t come to us on a test sheet with three or four possible solutions.  Instead, they flood into our lives like huge tidal waves, and as we fight to regain our composure we are knocked down repeatedly.  How can we think about a next step when the ground we hope to stand on has disappeared and we find ourselves treading water in an endless bath of froth and debris?

There is no perfect framework to guide us through these frightening experiences that define our human condition.  In the case of the fire my church family experienced, we made ministry our priority.  Yes, it was necessary to hire contractors to secure the remains of our facility, and to begin the long journey that would ultimately bring us to a new piece of property and a new facility.  But many of these things could wait.  It was more important to find temporarily locations where our congregation could gather to worship, establish communication that kept people connected, and continue to meet ongoing needs in the lives of those who were hurting.

I believe discovering what we need most is the key to taking our first step when our faith has been rocked by a trial.  The answer is certain to vary.  Some people need to be held and reassured that the people around them aren’t going to desert them in their hour of need.  Others need someone to help them sort initial feelings of shock, disappointment or anger.

Can you remember a time when you had trouble knowing where to turn or what to do?  Who or what helped you find your first step?

Dear God, lead me to the help I need.  In Jesus’ name, Amen. 



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