#2 Pencil Faith – Entry 15

In recent years standardized public school tests have been the subject of much debate.  The focus has been on disparities in the quality of school systems and the lack of opportunities some students have to prepare for tests due to socio-economic hardships.

I remember sitting in a classroom with a test sheet and my two #2 pencils, wondering why some other students always seemed to score better.  Surely God had given them better minds.  At times, I even suspected a conspiracy whereby certain students were given inside information from school administrators because they had been secretly chosen to succeed.

Such are the fantasies of a young boy who, as his teachers used to write on his report card, “doesn’t live up to his potential.”  But could it be there was some truth, however shallow, to support my perceptions?

Alright, I concede there was probably not a conspiracy.  I say “probably” because there is always a possibility secret files might be found someday vindicating my unfortunate performance.

Yet, if pressed, most of us would admit we are frequently troubled by two subjects: The unfortunate circumstances God permits in our lives, and His timing.  We might phrase these topics in the form of two present questions, “Why me and why now?”

Have you ever felt as though the circumstances you were facing in life were unfair?  Do you believe God has promised our lives will be fair? 

Dear God, give me the courage to pursue the question of fairness in my life.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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