Morning Devotion – 1 Timothy 2:5-6

For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men–the testimony given in its proper time. (1 Timothy 2:5-6)

It is always memorable when we meet the best.

Almost twenty years ago I attended a convention worship service and heard T.D. Jakes preach for the first time.  I know when it comes to communicating the Word of God, there are different styles of preaching and not everyone connects the same way.  But I have to tell you: I was mesmerized by Jakes.  He was accurate in his biblical narrative, incredibly perceptive of human nature, and powerful in his presentation.  The crowd spent most of the service on its feet, and I went away changed.  I remember thinking: “I have never heard anything like that in my life!” (Except for my father’s preaching, of course)

Maybe you have had a similar experience.  Perhaps you have met someone who is incredibly gifted in your line of work or ministry, and the encounter was overwhelming.

The same is true for those in authority over us.  Although today’s passage was written to believers, I believe it was about authorities.  We should pray for those who are over us that they might come to know Jesus.  Then, once they know Hi, they will realize He is a ruler too.  In fact, He is ruler over everything.  He is the true Mediator between God and man.  He is the righteous judge and the everlasting hope.  When it comes to reigning, ruling, direction, or any other role of authority, Jesus is simply the best.

And how did Jesus gain authority, aside from His place as the eternal Son of God?  He did it by giving Himself as a ransom for all.  Jesus established Himself as King over everything by giving Himself up for everyone.

This means the best authorities are those who serve.  Of course, authorities must be firm, upholding justice and protecting the innocent while holding people accountable for their actions.  Yet, one can be firm and still have the heart of a servant.  In fact, it is those who only serve themselves who corrupt justice, abuse the innocent and sit back and do nothing while evil people do evil things.

Therefore, believers should pray for those who have authority over them.  When the people in authority meet the Mediator, they meet the best.  And His example of servant-leadership teaches them how to exercise their rule.  As we have said before, the main reason we pray for those in authority is so they will find salvation.  But it is also practical to pray for our own benefit since good government is good for all of us.

So if you are tested and discouraged by the things people in authority over you do, pray for them.  Leaders come and go as elections and the winds of change redirect their ambitions.  But salvation is forever.

Pray that those over you will meet the best there is.  And when they do, life will be better for everyone.

Dear God, lead my leaders.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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