Morning Devotion – Titus 3:13

Do everything you can to help Zenas the lawyer and Apollos on their way and see that they have everything they need. (Titus 3:13)

Zenas was not a lawyer in the sense we think of one today.  He was likely an expert in Jewish law.  We don’t know anything else about him, but it is interesting to speculate.  Was he a Greek who converted to Judaism before choosing to follow Jesus?  Or was he born to a Jewish family and given a Greek name?  Did he have two names?  Regardless, if he was an expert in the Law, he had been in the Jewish culture for some time.  He would have been especially helpful to Paul as he bridged the gap between Gentile believers and Jewish traditionalists. 

Apollos is assumed to be the same person of Alexandria mentioned in Acts 18.  There, he was said to be a bold preacher of Christ who had some doctrinal issues that needed to be corrected by Priscilla and Aquilla. 

It is a little hard to discern Zenas and Apollos’ itinerary, but many people think Apollos was the carrier of Paul’s letter to Titus.  Whether Apollos had come straight from Nicopolis, or from some other location where Paul was staying before moving to Nicopolis we can’t determine with certainty.  But there is no doubt these two men were very important to Paul, and that they had a clear mission to fulfill.

I am jealous of Bible people like Zenas and Apollos.  They were involved in the work of the Apostle Paul during a period of time when he was a living legend.  They were trusted with important letters and were a part of the glue that held the ministry to the Greek world together.  What we know about them only highlights how much we don’t know. 

I liken their efforts to mission work supported by the local church today.  The church I serve has missionaries all over the world, and our philosophy is to build close relationships with the people we support so we know what is being accomplished with the Lord’s resources, and so we can celebrate what He is doing. 

In a few weeks we will be relocating a family of six from our church family to a medical mission in Cambodia.  In four months we will be working at a mission in Haiti where we have formed friendships with a number of leaders.  And, of course, we are constantly working alongside a host of people in our own community and throughout the country as we watch God expand His kingdom on earth.

The more I find out about the comings and goings of God’s people, the more excited I get.  The good news of Jesus is being shared everywhere!  Well, not really everywhere.  But we’re working on it.

Dear God, show me the extent of Your kingdom work.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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